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PCR Genotyping Service

The Institute of Neuropathology has devoted a sizeable amount of work and resources to establishing an automated workflow - aided by a JANUS pipetting robot (PerkinElmer) - which allows to genotype animal biopsies efficiently and with a high throughput. Our efforts have been very successful and this now enables us to offer our services to other researchers within the USZ.


1 PCR reaction = isolation of genomic DNA from an ear biopsy (transgenic or knockout animals) by specific primers, and analysis on a capillary electrophoresis system. The PCR results (example), including images of the PCR reaction, are made available online on a password-protected platform.

Price list:

PCR genotyping service: CHF 7-11/PCR For each mouse line, a list of the applicable PCR reactions will be defined. For new PCR reactions, clients must supply the primer sequences along with a validated protocol.

Contact and support:

- PCR results and biopsy handling: Rasa Bruzinskaite-Schmidhalter, rasa.bruzinskaite-schmidhalter@usz.ch
- PCR results and biopsy handling: Mariia Rinas, mariia.rinas@usz.ch
- Biopsy handling: Mirzet Delic, mirzet.delic@usz.ch
- Database, User-login: Andre Wethmar, andre.wethmar@usz.ch